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“Policy” used to be a blanket term suggesting different meanings to different people and encompassing a variety of different types of information. Old-style “policies” were developed via many processes at varying levels of the institution. The new system of University policy seeks to centralize and streamline this process by standardizing how these materials are developed and presented.
“Policies” used to be published in a variety of sources and a variety of media. Having many sources made access difficult for users. They required advice from administrative offices in order to ensure they had all the relevant documents and this might even have involved requesting printed copies.
UAPPOL seeks to bring these sources together into an easily accessible online resource allowing its users to search and access the information they need immediately, at the click of a button.
Policy Development Framework
In May 2003, the Board of Governors approved the Policy Development Framework to which all University policy developers must now comply.
The framework requires that all development will be sponsored by the central governance office accountable for the issue. The “sponsor” acknowledges which office will be responsible for administering the policy and appoints an appropriate “lead” person to be accountable for developing the material. The lead is responsible for ensuring proper research, writing, vetting and approval and ensuring that new documents do not overlap existing material.
Publication Criteria
All policy published in UAPPOL must be in compliance with the Policy Development Framework​. UAPPOL is the endpoint of the policy development process – a place for developers to share their work and for users to easily access standardized information.
Document types
UAPPOL differentiates between five main “document types”: policy, procedure, appendix, information document and form. All material in development must conform to one of these document types.
Official Version
Once a document has been published in UAPPOL, the only official copy of that document is the online version. The material can be printed if necessary, but the printout should be considered an unofficial copy. Before using printed material in any capacity, users should always check the online system again to ensure that they have the latest version of the material.
Any document that has been approved at the University’s senior governance levels has the same force and therefore all approved documents have an equal expectation of compliance from all members of the University community. The Office of Administrative Responsibility for the document in question will deal with non-compliance.