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This toolkit provides links to all the published documents in UAPPOL that relate to the development and publication of UAPPOL documents. This includes governance documents that convey the University’s expectations of the development process and supporting documents designed to help policy developers meet those expectations.

Definition of Friendly Edits

Revisions to policy or procedure that do not change the intent or requirements, and do not have a significant impact on users. Friendly edits include: changes to names and contact information; updates to reflect changes to referenced links; grammar and spelling errors; document information changes (e.g. document title); changes to the offices of accountability or administrative responsibility; and, re-arranging or re-wording content to improve clarity. Communication to campus is not required for friendly edits.

Definition of Legislative/Regulatory Changes

Revisions to policy or procedure resulting from changes to federal, provincial, or municipal legislation or regulations do not require any governance review or approval given the explicit requirement for the University community to comply. If the legislative/regulatory change requires a modification to a process and/or behavior, communication to campus is required.​

UAPPOL Governance