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Searching UAPPOL

UAPPOL is a document server designed to hold and organize important documents. The system has several features designed to help users find things quickly and simply.

Keyword Search

The search box can be found in the upper right of this page and users can quickly and easily search for policies and procedures utilizing keyword(s).

A-Z Index

This is another way for users to look for policies. It is an index of all the policies in UAPPOL sorted alphabetically and listed with their associated procedures and appendices.

Subject Areas

There are currently nine subject areas in UAPPOL: Academic Policies; Research Policies; Human Resources Policies; Finance Policies; Administrative and Operations Policies; University Relations Policies; Health & Safety Policies; Information Management and Information Technology Policies; and, Facilities, Properties and Equipment Policies. Subject areas are assigned to a document by the policy developer at the time of publication and are designed to sort information into large categories for the user. A document will only be assigned to one subject area.

There are also separate subject area pages, each showing a list of all the policies and related procedures in a particular subject area.