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Welcome to UAPPOL!

UAPPOL (say “you apple”) is a central repository in Sharepoint for University of Alberta policies and procedures, except for those found in the University Calendar and Staff Agreements. Please be aware that UAPPOL is the official repository for these documents (there is no “official hard copy”).
The work of populating UAPPOL is ongoing. There is currently material in transition to UAPPOL from the General Faculties Council (GFC) Policy Manual
​​​​​​​​UAPPOL Scope

The UAPPOL scope statement is changing! (The scope statement, which can be found a few lines down from the top of a UAPPOL policy or procedure, tells you which groups the policy or procedure applies to.)

Since the inception of UAPPOL, most policies simply state that the policy applies to “all members of the university community.” In some cases, this blanket statement has led to confusion. For that reason, from now on, UAPPOL policy writers will indicate which specific groups a particular policy applies to.

Policies exist to protect both you and the University. Please be aware that you have an obligation to comply with University policy and procedure.​

Timeline of this scope change: As stated, all new policies will use the updated scope statement. All existing policies will be reviewed and updated at the time of the regular review of the policy, which happens every five years.​​​​